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How to create successful b2b content to drive sales?

Your B2B content drives your site — either moving leads toward a designated goal — or, if your content fails to resonate, to a holding pattern or dead-end. Most likely, if you don’t have many leads, there’s a disconnect somewhere in your content. Ready to discover how to create content that effectively captures leads and drives them down your sales funnel? Read on….


Let’s stop for a moment and appreciate how powerful content is. Content Marketing Institute recently conducted a study that showed that 88% of marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Companies using content marketing in their marketing strategy saw conversion rates a whopping six times higher than their competitors. Well-crafted and quality content is obviously at the root of success for many B2B companies.

Build a Buyer Persona

Who is your audience? An idea or concept stored in your mind is no replacement for hard, cold nuggets on paper. To get a concrete idea of who your desired audience is, answer these questions:

What is your audience or audiences’ pain points?
What does your audience want to learn to up their performance or their company’s?
What sites and social networks does your audiece frequent to find content?
What kinds of content are liked and shared on these sites?
What will their needs be at each stage of the sales funnel?
Once you know who your target audience is, it’s much easier to create content. You’ll discover that your audience will segment into particular sectors based on your answers to the questions. Write down your answers so that your whole team is on the same page, and your content remains cohesive.

Tell Stories That Build Your Value

Your B2B content should never be left to chance. Approach each piece of content with a dedicated strategy. What do you want the content to do? Do you want to help someone just starting out? Provide more advanced information? How can your content educate someone to take the next step and become a lead? Answering those questions will guide you on what type of content to create — a checklist for someone just starting out, a whitepaper or someone further along.

How does your own story or company’s story add credibility? You’ve no doubt read about someone who survived tremendous odds to make it.

Check out social media star Jeff Bullas’ story here. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s compelling.

Now, you may very well not have the rags-to-riches story Jeff has. No problem. Everyone has their own passion and story. You just have to dig a little. What are you or your company offering that will make someone sit up and take notice?

Don’t forget the stories of your happy customers. Nothing is quite as powerful as a delighted customer singing your praises. Ask your satisfied customers for testimonials. Create case studies weaving in quotes from a client. Sprinkle these throughout your site and reference them in your B2B blog posts. This stands as social proof of your trustworthiness.

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