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How to Make your Online store social shopping ready?

Social shopping, this is one of the latest trends in this digitally driven society and has become the hanging out at the mall, of the past. However, it is no longer just the tweens and teens who are taking advantage of the social features that are available. There are customers of all ages that are embracing these new digital offerings, which are giving them more choices than ever before, as well as more opportunities to interact with the brands that they love and are loyal to through barcode scanners, QR contests and innovative outfit builder apps.
The term social shopping is a type of “catch-all” term that refers to anything from sharing an idea about an outfit on Pinterest, or tweeting a number of different coupon codes. With the use of m-commerce, or mobile commerce, steadily increasing, the need to connect with your shoppers through mediums other than web pages is higher than ever before. Taking advantage of the power of digital marketing is important for an eCommerce website owner when trying to get the right results from this venture.

So now the question is posed of how you take advantage of this continually growing trend?

Bridge the Gap

Several recent studies have shown that there are a large number of retail stores that are completely missing the opportunity when it comes to being able to connect with their online shoppers with their offline information. Most stores will display the hours and locations on their website, but completely ignore the need to provide information on their services and products via social media.

The Solution is to bridge the gap. You need to search for methods that will bring your online customers offline by developing a number of ways to merge your social media efforts with local promotions and online shopping. Some ideas to get started are highlighted here:

Email an exclusive coupon code that will provide a discount when it is used at the bricks and mortar location;
Leverage your mobile marketing efforts beside the in-store displays that you have to provide limited time discounts or notifications for a flash sale.

A general consensus among most shoppers is that receiving a personalized deal on the service or product that you offer is an excellent method to increase sales and enhance loyalty. However, these very same customers are somewhat reluctant to divulge their personal data. Studies have shown that up to 13 percent of consumers are willing to share their social media info, but up to 57 percent of customers are much more likely to make a purchase from a retailer that takes efforts to keep them updated with the latest sales and deals.

So what does this mean? A majority of consumers are also willing to provide their zip code or email address, which means that you have to make efforts to determine what your customers are willing to offer in terms of personal information and let them know what they will receive in exchange.

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How to create a successful marketing plan?

All too often, business leaders with the best of intentions to grow their business fall short when it comes to understanding the function of a strategic marketing plan. A well-crafted strategic marketing plan provides an organization with the focus and direction to pursue growth opportunities.


There are five essential steps you need to build an effective strategic marketing plan:

Step 1: Determine your marketing philosophy

Companies that are successfully building brand awareness, driving more leads and securing new business as a result of their marketing efforts all share a common philosophy — they view marketing as an investment, not an expense. Once you have determined that marketing is vital to your company’s growth plan, your next step is to define some measurable goals.

Step 2: Determine goals and objectives

To help you determine the right goals, spend meaningful time with your team evaluating your growth levels to date and your current position in your market space. After making your list of marketing goals, prioritize the list and then select the top three to five, focusing on the ones that will most meaningfully move your business forward. Make sure the goals you set are measurable. Setting measurable goals also brings with it accountability, which is an essential part to ensuring that your plan is actually executed.

Step 3: Set marketing strategies

Many companies skip strategy development in favor of tactics, but tactics without strategy are about as effective as a car without a steering wheel. If your goals dictate where you want the company to be, the strategy is the route you need to take to get there. For example, sample strategies could be:

* Increase brand awareness

* Increase overall sales volume

Step 4: Determining tactics

Strategies establish a broad outline of how you want to achieve your goals/objectives, and tactics are the specific actions or activities that need to be properly executed in order to achieve them. If a goal is to increase and enhance your company’s brand awareness, a sound strategy would be to increase the number of brand touches among potential customers. Tactics for implementing that strategy would be blogging about issues that are relevant to your target audience, creating and promoting an e-book with helpful tips or sponsoring an event.

Step 5: Determine your marketing budget

Your marketing budget should be directed by your company’s goals and objectives for the future, by how fast you want to grow, and by how ready you are to grow it. But your marketing budget can’t be solely focused on just dollars. It also must consider time and resources. Before you submit your budget, you must also determine how many manpower hours will be required to manage and execute the plan.

While all five of these steps are critical to marketing success, once the plan is completed, it should not be put away on a shelf. Ideally, it should be reviewed monthly with your team to check progress and adjust as appropriate. Marketing works best when the dedication is there, so buy-in and accountability from your team will ultimately determine success.


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The Benefits of Team Sports for Children

Legally, there is no such thing as educational neglect. It is, quite simply, not a recognized type of child abuse. Education is necessary for finding the best outcomes for youth, but when it comes to finding children shelter and food and parents, education tends to fall to the bottom of the list and then to fall through the cracks. The child welfare system exists for the purpose of keeping children safe, and when it comes to safety, it is hard for education to be a top priority in this overburdened system.


However, speaking up for the best interest of children, and not just their safety, means that education is a top priority for CASA. Having just one volunteer on one case means that we are fortunate enough to be able to focus not just on immediate safety, but on a lifetime of outcomes. For children, especially children from hard places, education is liberation, so for CASA volunteers, educational advocacy is key. It is of such importance for youth outcomes that Travis County’s family court judges specifically name CASA volunteers as Education Advocates when they are appointed to a case.

School is hard for any child. Balancing classes and homework with clubs and social lives is difficult enough to manage in the best of situations. For children involved in the child welfare system, engaging and succeeding in school presents much greater challenges. Fear, depression and insecurity lead to emotional issues that make it difficult to focus in class and can cause larger behavioral issues. When a child is dealing with the trauma of abuse, has to change homes and schools, or is uncertain of where they might be sleeping, it is easy to see how they fall behind in school. A CASA volunteer has to see beyond the trauma and chaos to help the child succeed in spite of their situation.

Educational advocacy means doing everything we can to ensure that a child in care has the same opportunity to thrive in school as any other child. Just like every other form of advocacy, it takes a different form in each case.

For children receiving special education services, being an Education Advocate means attending meetings with the school to create an Individualized Education Plan, which determines what modifications and accommodations the school must make to meet a child’s specific needs. It means working with the child’s lawyer when their rights aren’t being met.

For children who have just moved schools, being an Education Advocate means meeting with the school officials to make sure teachers and staff understand what children are dealing with and how to best respond to behavior issues so that kids aren’t suspended for an outburst that would never have happened if they had a fidget toy or a snack or a five minute break. It means making sure that the school has all of the paperwork they need because sometimes it takes weeks or even months for the files to transfer over and by that point the child has fallen behind because they missed out on services they need. It means talking with the child to make sure they understand the rules and expectations of the new school.

Educational advocacy means meeting with counselors and teachers and assistant principals to keep up to date on how a child is doing. Sometimes it means helping with homework of finding a tutor. It means setting high expectations for children and helping them to meet them. It means talking with the child’s therapists to come up with ideas for how difficult behavior can be managed in the academic setting and it means listening to the child and giving them a voice to tell you what they need.

Children in the child welfare system don’t have a parent to speak up for them and ensure they have what they need in school and the system is not built to meet that need. If support for those needs isn’t available, children are likely to fall further and further behind in school. CASA volunteers fill many roles for the children they serve, but the role of Education Advocate is always a priority. It’s a way we affirm our commitment to these children that we are not willing to settle for them simply being safe.

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How to create successful b2b content to drive sales?

Your B2B content drives your site — either moving leads toward a designated goal — or, if your content fails to resonate, to a holding pattern or dead-end. Most likely, if you don’t have many leads, there’s a disconnect somewhere in your content. Ready to discover how to create content that effectively captures leads and drives them down your sales funnel? Read on….


Let’s stop for a moment and appreciate how powerful content is. Content Marketing Institute recently conducted a study that showed that 88% of marketers use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Companies using content marketing in their marketing strategy saw conversion rates a whopping six times higher than their competitors. Well-crafted and quality content is obviously at the root of success for many B2B companies.

Build a Buyer Persona

Who is your audience? An idea or concept stored in your mind is no replacement for hard, cold nuggets on paper. To get a concrete idea of who your desired audience is, answer these questions:

What is your audience or audiences’ pain points?
What does your audience want to learn to up their performance or their company’s?
What sites and social networks does your audiece frequent to find content?
What kinds of content are liked and shared on these sites?
What will their needs be at each stage of the sales funnel?
Once you know who your target audience is, it’s much easier to create content. You’ll discover that your audience will segment into particular sectors based on your answers to the questions. Write down your answers so that your whole team is on the same page, and your content remains cohesive.

Tell Stories That Build Your Value

Your B2B content should never be left to chance. Approach each piece of content with a dedicated strategy. What do you want the content to do? Do you want to help someone just starting out? Provide more advanced information? How can your content educate someone to take the next step and become a lead? Answering those questions will guide you on what type of content to create — a checklist for someone just starting out, a whitepaper or someone further along.

How does your own story or company’s story add credibility? You’ve no doubt read about someone who survived tremendous odds to make it.

Check out social media star Jeff Bullas’ story here. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s compelling.

Now, you may very well not have the rags-to-riches story Jeff has. No problem. Everyone has their own passion and story. You just have to dig a little. What are you or your company offering that will make someone sit up and take notice?

Don’t forget the stories of your happy customers. Nothing is quite as powerful as a delighted customer singing your praises. Ask your satisfied customers for testimonials. Create case studies weaving in quotes from a client. Sprinkle these throughout your site and reference them in your B2B blog posts. This stands as social proof of your trustworthiness.

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Role of Logistics in ecommerce

The world is moving faster every day, and getting what we need rapidly is the mantra of our times. This is the most obvious way that we shop and that becomes the process of online businesses. The Ascent of hyperlocal companies is quite significant in the year 2016.

The logistics sector is highly popular in the nation, especially the intra-city model. However, new businesses of 2016 have figured out how to move toward with proper sorting of the segment. The landing of more than 15 online logistics commercial centers, in the most recent year has a disposed man in the middle in sub-contracting.


With so much potential in the market, the interest on logistics area is certain to develop, despite the fact that it could do with some more subsidizing. If the modern development that the nation has viewed in the previous two decades is any significant indication, India will soon require more players for its logistics requirements. Moreover, with hyperlocal companies coming up each day, the industry will undoubtedly get instant boost and support which will result in better and long lasting customer satisfaction ratio.

Delivery of the perfect and satisfactory product to the customer on-time could be really very big challenge in eCommerce for virtual stores. In spite of the fact that online stores can utilize dispatch organizations for conveying their item to customers, there are pro organizations that handle logistics and delivery of a product for eCommerce business.

Using such strategic logistics approaches implies that you can likewise utilize logistics services to offer cash on delivery option, which is clearly the most favored payment mode in India, and also collect the product directly from the customer location if any product return is demanded.

Steps To Strengthen Their Logistics
1.Availability of Multiple Options For Customers: If you want to give perfect shopping or buying experience to your customer then you should provide multiple options as per the requirement. The variety of customer will increase the demand and interest ratio which will significantly give rise to the sales and profit levels.

2. Best Shipping Partners: In order to provide trusted source of shopping and best customer experience to your customer, you should choose best shipping partner for perfect satisfaction in on time delivery of the products.

3. Transparency in Shipping and Shopping Prices and Terms & Conditions: Transparency is the only thing that makes a shopping website or source trusted in the view of a customer. Therefore, shopping and shipping prices should be mentioned clearly without any customer attraction attempt.

4. Use of Advanced Logistic Tools: The sales and reliability ratio of the customer can be enhanced if a company will use advanced and updated logistic tools. You need to research about multiple available tools and then you should select the best tool that fits for your need.

5. Convenient Return Policy for Customers: Return policy is one of the most important thing that eCommerce company should necessarily improve in order to enhance customer satisfaction and customer experience.

6. Time To Time Service and Policy Updates: When you have advancements and changes in your company then you should also do necessary changes in the policies and terms.

How Efficient Logistic Make Customers Happy
Product Tracing and Tracking: Customers appreciate the eCommerce companies with the product tracking advantage. Integration of product Tracing and Tracking can make all your customers happier.
Trusted Sellers: If you want to give best purchase experience to all your customers then you need to make sure that all the sellers are trusted. Thus, you will ensure best happy features for your customers.
Supply Chain Connection: Managing the supply chain connection and networking to your eCommerce will allow you to get all the privileges of best logistic strategy which will lead you to provide better and much more satisfactory results.
Flexibility in Locations: When you will apply logistic strategy properly then you would be able to provide the choice of location and therefore better and quicker delivery options as well.
Recently, major eCommerce players took multiple steps to attract customers and to strengthen their logistics.

The crux of the story is logistic is an integral part of the eCommerce companies. Timely product delivery and product return, add value to the overall customer experience during the festive season or otherwise.


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How to Manage your customer profile effectively?

Are you into ecommerce? Then it is necessary for you know the importance of customer database. As you have an ecommerce platform you will be collecting and maintaining your customer profile in a specific way. But in the current ecommerce trends you are supposed to follow progressive profiling which will help you to attract the visitors.


When you collect information from the customers to fill the profile make sure that you get the appropriate data. Don’t make the registration method complicated rather use smart fields in the form through which you can gather the correct data. Prefer technical experts to develop and design the forms in a way that is easy for the user to make use of it.

Give proper guidelines either by using pictorial representation or videos to add the details in the registration form. When the user gets the perfect guidance to use your platform they will be motivated to provide the details. Validate the email address while filling the form to prevent them entering the wrong one and help them to correct that immediately if they had done it by mistake.

Short forms are preferred by many so keep the relevant questions first. It will enable to increase the conversion rates and provide better experience for the visitor. You can get detailed information from them when they become familiar to the platform. You are supposed to optimize the acknowledgement boxes with the proper and capturing messages.

When you receive the appropriate details from the customers it will be easier for you to manage their database. So, make the profile filling options easier, user friendly and validate them at the right time. This will make the customers feel that they are engaged with the platform.

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Study Abroad Guide for Canada

Studying abroad in Canada means building up the foundation bricks for a future successful career. Maybe you are planning to work throughout your study programme, but you should also take into consideration the employment prospects and how to prepare for the period after graduation.

Canada holds a very organised system when it comes to employment, job application and the processes related to it. You may start working during your study programme and on holidays, to catch a closer glimpse to the local industries, to create networks and to support yourself financially. But there is a difference between temporary jobs and the pursuit of a career, especially in Canada.


It may be a bit demanding to find a stable job in Canada immediately after graduation, but it definitely is rewarding, as you can see below. You will see that there are differences between salaries in the cities/provinces of Canada, but the annual average is pretty tempting.

The visa I need to work in Canada

After you finish your degree course in Canada, you are allowed to work for a period that sums up the length of your programme, but not more than three years. You must apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Programme (PGWPP) within 90 days from when you receive the written confirmation that you completed and passed your academic degree course.

In order to be eligible to apply for the PGWPP, you must have graduated from:

A public higher education institution or

A private higher education institution that follows the rules of public schools or

A private higher education institution that has qualification programmes of 900 hours or more and leads to a “diplôme d’études professionnelles” (DEP) or an “attestation de spécialisation professionnelle” (ASP) or

A private institution that offers degrees authorised by the Canadian province that is located in.

Popular jobs in Canada

The best and most popular jobs in Canada were revealed in a study made by Canadian Business. The publication ranked the jobs by the growth of position openings over time, the average salary based on a 40-hours working week, changes in the last five years and a projected demand for 2022.

While many of the best paying and most searched jobs have a high employment demand, others have developed constantly and the offer matches the requests. In the companies from Canada, many of the employers have a strong communication with employees and are motivated by their feedback and attitude.

Below you will find the best of the jobs that Canada has to offer, with estimated annual salaries.

Mining and forestry manager: 108,805 CAD

Oil and gas drilling supervisor: 79,040 CAD

Air traffic controller: 87,360 CAD

Statistician and actuaries: 89,606 CAD

Engineering manager: 94,994 CAD

Public administration director: 99,195 CAD

Power systems operator: 84,198 CAD

Health & community service manager: 100,006 CAD

Mapping technologist: 68,640 CAD

Senior business manager: 97,136 CAD

Fields of study with the highest graduate starting salaries

After graduation, the students from Canada began their job hunting and a high percentage of them get employed locally. Below you will find a study made by CTV News that shows the employment rate in Canada by field of study.

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which social media is right for your ecommerce business?

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular social networks, and each has a unique audience. It’s important to first get to know these differences so that you can take a specific approach with each one. Here are a few things to know as you plan your marketing efforts.


Facebook is less open than other social media platforms, but its continuing popularity makes it impossible to ignore. The platform is very community based, making it ideal for local B2C businesses. However, when used correctly, it can also be a valuable resource for online retailers that operate without regional restrictions. Shares are crucial to success on Facebook, since they’re the only organic way to reach people who haven’t liked your page. Include photographs with every post and overlay them with text describing your current special. Make sure each post includes a link that will take customers directly to the featured item in your photo, especially if you’ve chosen to feature a particularly unique or visually-appealing item.


If you choose to go the paid route, you have a wide variety of options, including dynamic ads, which promote items that are relevant to a particular member. You can also use the site’s Custom Audiences feature to follow those who have visited your site and re-target them with ads for products they’ve shown an interest in.


As popular as Facebook has become, its demographic skews slightly older, making it less-than-ideal for businesses interested in reaching those in their teens and 20s. Instagram’s demographics falls squarely into that age bracket, with 55 percent of all 18- to 29-year-old Americans who are online using the site. Instagram engagement rates are also notable, since one study found that a customer’s engagement with a site is higher when being directed from Instagram than when entering the URL directly.

Since Instagram is entirely image- and video-based, it’s important to use eye-grabbing visuals to compel customers to buy. Unlike other social media sites, you’re limited by not being able to insert clickable links into your photo captions, so make sure you have your site hyperlinked in your page bio and include links in captions that customers can copy and paste. Overlay the simple version of your store ( with each photo you post to make it easy for customers to simply enter the site name to check out your store. Host a contest that rewards customers who share photos of themselves using your products to extend your reach on the platform.


Twitter’s 140-character limit makes it a challenge for marketers, but when used correctly, it can be a powerful tool. Through the use of hashtags, you can reach customers who might be looking for items like yours. However, images that encourage re-tweets can be even more effective in reaching potential customers. Twitter has also become a venue for customer service requests, so it’s important to maintain an active presence and set up notifications to ensure you know as soon as your brand is mentioned, if you don’t have time to maintain presence you can always automate your posts and use smart tools for publishing handcrafted and human approved social media posts.

Twitter now allows GIFs to auto-play on a user’s feed, making it a great option for ecommerce brands. Animated photos will make your content stand out to Twitter users, especially if they showcase your products in a fun way. You can also add text to your GIFs to say more than the 140 characters allows, calling attention to a sale you’re having or telling a story about your business. If you find creative ways to have fun using this feature, you’ll increase the odds that your tweet will be shared with others.

Social media marketing can call attention to the products in your ecommerce store. When you familiarize yourself with the unique demographics of each site, you’ll be able to get the most out of each post.

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which is the best time to study?

What is the best time to study? This is one of the most debated topics among students.

Most of us assume to know the best time to study. But in reality, every person is different and there is no perfect time to study. It is most important to choose the time when you are most awake and energetic. Scheduling your studies during this time of the day will save time, and help you learn better.

Daytime Studying vs Night-time studying 

From the scientific point of view there is no clear winner here. Some people get more out of studying during the day while some find it is best to study during the night.

Here is a comparison of benefits in terms of studying during the day and at night.

                      Daytime studying                                              Night-time studying  

More energy                                                        Peaceful and quiet

Natural clock of nature                                        Deserted library

Easier to communicate with society                    Fewer distractions

Natural light is better for eyes                             Increase in creativity

It is impossible to create a rule that will work for all, although there are few techniques, if implemented could work out for everyone.

Considering the following with some self-experimentation, one can find the best time of the day to study:

Attention/ alertness 

Most people may go wrong in judging the time when they perform best. They study when they feel like, but it need not necessarily be the most effective time.

To know what works for you, it is important to try some considerations for an extended length of time. Some considerations are:

Some qualities of memory and alertness seem to be better at different times of the day. For example: Visual memory in the morning, critical thinking in the noon while most suffer a dip in the early afternoon.

Some operate better in the early morning while some in the evening.

In addition to these patterns, biological rhythms and hormonal cycles have an impact on alertness.


Distractions always disrupt work, though there are some distractions that can be controlled, sometimes we just can’t get away from them.

Distractions are detrimental, so if you can’t find a secluded and quiet place to study during the day, wait until night or early morning for better concentration.


If you plan a schedule to study, make sure you can stick to it and work consistently. Consistency will help you do your work everyday and will also improve the quality of work. Your mind and body will quickly adapt, if you study at the same time everyday.

By practicing these considerations for a few days, you’ll be in your best frame of mind for study with having the best focus during that scheduled time of the day. Your body likes to know what to expect.

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Global Online Discussion Forum for Business

The leading international B2B marketplace Bizbilla provides global online business discussion forum for discussing about various business related topics with business persons all over the world.

Online forum which also can be termed as a message board is a discussion platform where people can start a conversation or reply to the existing discussion. A single conversation can be termed either as a thread or topic which can be replied by many people. It is place where knowledge is shared with one another, valuable advice/tips are obtained and doubts are clarified mutually.


Are you a member of Bizbilla?

Start your discussion in the global online business discussion forum just by signing in.

Are you new to Bizbilla?

Join as a free member in leading global B2B portal Bizbilla and start your conservation.

You can introduce yourself, about your business products & services and discuss on the topics such as business talks, business news, business ideas & opportunities, investment, fundraising & working capital, employment of manpower, marketplaces, traditional marketing, internet marketing, advertisements, business events, business categories, quality & planning, taxation, banking & finance, legal and regulatory issues, IT business solutions, e-commerce, work from home, global business markets, business sourcing, franchising and share your valuable feedbacks and suggestions about the international online business discussion board of Bizbilla over there.

This discussion platform connects business persons across the globe and enables them to share your thoughts, ideas & views related to business with others and to get solutions for the doubts they have related to it from being in any part of the world.

Take part in the business discussion forum and build connections with the network of business people worldwide.

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