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where can i find worldwide trade shows and events directory?

Know about the upcoming trade shows across the world along with the essential information in the leading global B2B portal Bizbilla.

Trade shows are fairs that are organized by companies/businesses from various industries to exhibit their products & services, exchange information with the participants/exhibitors of the events and for knowing the latest business & market trends. It can also be termed as trade fairs, trade exhibitions, trade events and trade expo. It is important for businesses to take part and organize trade events.


In the worldwide trade shows directory, you can get the details regarding the trade exhibitions that are going to be held in various countries across the globe on various industries. Bizbilla makes your search for trade fairs easy by enabling you to find the respective trade expo by country, industry and month. You can also view all the trade expos organized by a particular trade show organizer.

Get the details such as description about the trade show, image, venue, date, state & county name, organizer details, visitors information and contact details in the global trade shows directory of the prominent international B2B marketplace Bizbilla. You can contact the respective trade show organizer by sending message and if you wish, you can refer a particular trade event to your friend too via Bizbilla.

Are you going to organize a trade show?

Do you want make your trade event to reach more audience?

Whether you are a trade fair exhibitor/organizer, you can post your trade shows for free by giving the needed information. As a free member of Bizbilla, the details you are expected to give are event title, date, venue, country, category (main & sub), organizer’s name, email address & mobile number and information about the event.

If you are not a Bizbilla member, in addition to these details you have provide information such as your name, email id, country, mobile number, business type and company name.

Bizbilla is the right platform for both trade show organizers/exhibitors and visitors to view and show case trade events globally.

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Ecommerce business in India

The business in India is progressing in a better way. Especially, the ecommerce business had acquired the rapid growth. This is mainly due to the advancement of the technology in India.

Nearly, 70% to 85% of the customers are purchasing online which makes it easier to complete their shopping in simple clicks. The main reason for the growth of ecommerce industry in India is that they have used the technology in a right way at the right time.

The online shopping has begun its path in a way to scrutinize the shopping trends. It is no wonder that the online shopping is becoming a part of the hobbies which attracts the kids, students, teens and the parents.


There is a progressive growth of the ecommerce industry in India. We are the on way to lead the ecommerce industry holding the top position. The track is right set with the advanced criteria and the techs and trends are finding an alteration depending on the needs and desires of the human beings.

We can see the significant increase in market size and internet users which very much influenced the ecommerce industry. It is damn sure that India is going to be one of the leading countries in the ecommerce industry.

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SEO Rules for Ecommerce Content Marketing

Content marketing and search engine optimization are interdependent. When planned and executed properly, content can greatly improve your natural search performance. Follow these 10 rules to successfully blend SEO needs with content creation.

Research What Customers Care About :

Marketers are quick to embrace market research to discover their customers’ needs. SEO keyword research provides another fast and free method of amassing content ideas that real people really care about. Seek to answer the questions people ask the search engines as well as the big topics that drive a large amount of demand. Don’t forget to interview your customer support personnel for ideas, as well. They are on the front lines answering questions that oftentimes mirror the information that searchers are looking for. In addition to providing a wealth of content ideas, ranking well on these topics can help reduce call center loads.


Choose Content Types Wisely :

Don’t default to writing only articles. Certainly long-form article content is good for SEO, when written about a topic that searchers seek in large numbers and when written using the language that real people use when they search. However, sometimes addressing frequently asked questions or publishing a step-by-step guide or video (with transcript) will convey the topic most clearly and be most likely to rank well. The best content type depends on what will benefit your shoppers most, as well as what will rank well.

However, sometimes addressing frequently-asked questions or publishing a step-by-step guide or video … will convey the topic most clearly…

How do you determine which content type is the best? Try Googling it. Search for the phrases you want to rank well for and pay special attention to the types of content that rank well already.

Include Descriptive Text :

Search engines evolve their capabilities continually, but they still need descriptive text to help them understand the content and context of video and images. Always include transcripts for videos and describe the images and infographics that contain key points you need to make. Even if the content is understandable to shoppers visually, search engines need that descriptive text. Without it, search engines won’t understand the relevance of the content and won’t be able to rank it, and that means no traffic and sales from natural search.

Remember What You Need to Sell :

Stick with content ideas that coincide with the products and services you offer. If that sounds like an obvious point, you’ll be surprised how frequently it’s ignored. Searchers are interested in an endless number of products, information, and concepts. Google reported that 15 percent of the search queries it receives each day are queries that they’ve never seen before. But only a fraction of those are relevant to your business. Be selective. You won’t win natural search traffic or drive sales or leads if you try to generate content outside of the information related to your product base. If you sell nuts and bolts, it’s highly unlikely that even the most passionate content about baseball will drive traffic and sales for your site.

Write for Your Audience, Not Management :

Unless your audience uses the same words that you do in your business, ditch the jargon and create content using plain, descriptive language. Better yet, refer to that keyword research you did earlier in deciding what to create content about. It will also tell you how shoppers think and speak about those products and services.

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How to use Google’s free tools for ecommerce business?

Businesses today cannot expect to attract new customers with the same services or products that have been offered 10 years ago. The only way to keep up with the ever changing consumers’ needs is to constantly analyze what is trending.

Becoming the go-to source for a desirable product is the secret recipe for generating sales leads. For example, if you specialize in health and beauty products, offering exactly the type of products your customers are talking about will set your business apart from the rest.

Don’t realize what you’re lacking only when competitors steal your sales.

If you already have a variety of products on your ecommerce site, a single boost to a particular trending item can improve overall sales. As today’s product discovery and purchasing processes take place mostly on the internet (especially on mobile devices), business owners today can easily access, collect and record data on the customer’s shopping journey.

In this article, we’ll examine the advantages of utilizing Google’s free tools such as Google Trends, Google AdWords and Google Search Console to decide what you should sell.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a fantastic tool for market research. It offers visual graphs of local and regional search queries of your choosing. It collects data from previous years so you can easily see if a market is trending up or down.

Google Keyword Planner

You don’t have to set aside a huge budget to run AdWords campaigns in order to make the most out of Google Keyword Planner. In fact, this freemium tool is the ultimate resource to knowing your customers. The whole idea of doing keyword research is to discover what people are looking for as well as the popularity of search terms.

There are three ways you can do market research using Google Keyword Planner:

Search for new keyword and ad group ideas
Find out search volume for a list of keywords
Get new keyword ideas

Google Search Console

After you’ve done research on what product to sell and how to market it, you can monitor the performance of your campaign using the Google Search Console.

With this tool, you’ll gain access to your site’s search traffic metrics, including where your site ranks on the search page for certain keywords. You’ll also know if customers are actually clicking on your landing page.

Some data you can get include:

Clicks to your web page
Impressions you’re getting on Google
Click through rate (CTR)
Your sites positions in the search results
It is important to keep the CTR rate as high as possible to ensure the product you are boosting is profitable. By keeping a track record of the search traffic data, you will be able to adjust your approach to the right direction. Pay attention to the impression-to-click ratio for a particular keyword you’re targeting.

With the availability of these sophisticated and free online tools, it’s never been easier for your business to adopt a data-driven approach.

In fact, as the online retail landscape becomes increasingly crowded and competitive, using data to your advantage has never been more important.


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How to be a good parent?

Almost half of the session is over and your child has been labeled as an underperformer in the class. It is obvious for the parents to worry about the academic growth of the child. Often parents get the blame for the poor performance of the child in academics.

Here are few tips to guide your child in improving his / her grades in school:
Improve the Confidence: An examination grade should not be able to shatter down the confidence of your little one. You must know how to convince your child about his / her caliber and boost up his / her confidence.
Follow a Routine: Try to make a daily routine for the kid and make sure he / she follows it without fail. The routine must be a balanced one including recreational activities, outdoor sports and focus on every subject in the syllabus.
Follow the social circle: You may look at your child as a toddler but the fact is that he has started going out in the world and making his own peer group with other little ones. To know a man, know his company. Try to know the kind of company he likes to have, and if it is not proper, try to change it. But always remember to be rational with the child rather than being forceful.
Know the strengths and weaknesses: Know the favorite subject of the kid where he can actually excel once he grows up. Try to motivate him more in that area. At the same time, know his weak subjects and help him do well there. You can take help of online tutors or other materials available.
Personality Development: The duty of parents is not only to give good education but also to instill the virtues like patience, perseverance, honesty, hard work and determination in the child. You need to be little detached from your child at times to keep the track of his / her personal and academic development.
The personal development of the child is very important part of his / her academics. If the kid has no patience or no inclination to work hard, he cannot excel in life when he / she gets on his own.

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Money saving tips for college students

A new TD report suggests university students who are having a hard time funding extracurricular activities need to make smarter choices with their budgets. The survey found that when it comes to paying for extracurricular activities, 52 per cent of current post-secondary students surveyed say costs prevent them from joining up or limit the number of activities they can participate in.

Cash tips for students.png

TD offers the following tips to help students make the most of their money.

*) Flash your student card :

University or college memberships can provide instant access to numerous extracurricular activities — usually offered at a reduced rate for student and sometimes even for free. If you’re not sure if a discount is offered, don’t be afraid to ask.

*) Track your spending :

Money management apps can keep students on track with their budgets by sending instant notifications the moment you pay for something, letting you know if you’re above or below your typical spending for the month.

*) File your taxes :

Even if you don’t make enough money with your student job to owe the government money, you could be entitled to a tax refund by claiming the tuition and textbook tax credit. Also, CRA will determine if you are eligible for payment of the GST/HST credit if you file.

*) Rent textbooks :

Consider buying used textbooks — or even renting them — and then resell them after your course is done to make some of your money back.

*) Pay credit card bills on time :

To avoid late fees and accruing interest charges, pay the balance in full every month by the payment date. Later on, you’ll need a healthy credit score to borrow money for a home mortgage or auto loan, so this is a simple way tSource!o start building credit.


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what’s essential for a ecommerce website success?

If you sell items on your website, there are things you should always be aware of, whether you run a fully fledged global site offering hundreds of products or are just setting up a small boutique store. In this blog post, we look at the essential elements that lead to ecommerce website success.
Great products
Let’s start with the most obvious but most important point – if you want people to buy from you, your products need to be great. But whereas in a bricks and mortar store where people can quickly ascertain the quality of your merchandise, online it’s a little more difficult. It’s therefore essential that you show your products in their best light. Self-taken, amateur shots won’t do. Make sure you have professional photographs taken of all your products and display these images with options to view from different angles and zoom in.
Ecommerce website.jpg
Once your customers have ‘clicked into’ an item to find out more, include as much information as you can – sizes, colours, dimensions, materials, availability, price and so on, as well as customer reviews and ratings if you have them.
Brand respectability
Your brand needs to portray an image of quality and reliability, helping potential customers to understand what your company is about and encourage them to revisit. You’re expecting users to part with their hard-earned cash.
Branding and design can play a big part in making the user put trust in your products over a competitor, so you need to ensure that the various elements of your site are consistent, from layout, colours and typography to image use and tone of voice. Above all, your brand and your message needs to shine through, so make sure this is clear on every page.
The more products you are selling, the more complex your navigation system might become and it’s easy to end up with too many layers, dropdowns and multiple paths. Organising your products into a catalogue where users can browse by category or search for items is important, and including thumbnail images will help visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for.
An ecommerce site will only be successful if your customers trust you and know that their money and personal details are safe. You can raise your credibility with customer reviews and ratings, especially those from external sources, and ensure that you include FAQs, details about shipping charges, return policies and so on. If you are seen to be taking your business seriously, your customers will too.
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what is the Benefits of blogging for Business?

When someone starts a business they think about how to set up the website, how to set up their online shop, their social media presence and so forth. It almost becomes an afterthought to set up a blog. There can be many benefits to creating a business blog. Corey Wainwright of Hubspot goes over a few of the benefits to help you get motivated to start a business blog or just to recommend it to other business owners that do not blog.


1) It helps drive traffic to your website.

Blogging helps add new material to your website which increases your indexed pages. This shows search engines your website it active and can help you show up more in searches.
2) It helps convert that traffic into leads.

When you are blogging you want to include a strong call to action. These can be for a free download, free entry into a sweepstakes, or a free trial. A strong call to action will let you gather information from a potential customer in exchange for whatever you are willing to give for that information. This can be valuable information for your sales team.
3) It helps establish authority.

When you write about something it shows you are an expert in your field. If potential customers see you have content that have answered all their questions, it helps build trust in you and your brand.
4) It drives long-term results.

Blog posts are great because you can put in effort today and still benefit from the effects tomorrow. As long as the information is relevant to your customers they will be searching for it. That blog can help generate leads while you are vacationing in Hawaii!

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Effective use of technology in the education

In an era where technology has become very influential, it is really not surprising to learn how education has been changed by technology. In spite of the fact that education technology (EdTech) has become quite an exhausting market lately, experts still believe that technology’s role in changing the ever-evolving field of education is critical.


Education technology has been concentrating in exploring the commercialization, personalization and democratization of teaching and learning in recent years. However, one question remains–is technology changing education for the better?

In the book, “Is Technology Good for Education,” Australia’s Monash University education professor and nook author Neil Selwyn outlined the present key issues and debates about education technology. In an interview with Inside Higher Ed through an email, Selwyn explained why many educational institutions have been experimenting with technology to be incorporated in classrooms.

According to Selwyn, education technology or digital education has been the latest trend when it comes to contemporary education. However, today’s EdTech is no longer based on the experimentation with technology alone. Instead, colleges are basing their whole provision on digital technology.

Education technology has become the “mainstream orthodoxy.” As technology dominate the educational experience of most students and teachers, Selwyn stressed the stakes are much higher now that in the ’90s and EdTech has now become a billion-dollar enterprise that affects the entire society.

Due to the contradictions and complexities between education and technology, Selwyn also pointed out that online is the best platform for the ongoing conversations regarding education’s future. Selwyn added better news media commentary on education and technology are also essential.

Speaking of education and technology, IT Business Edge revealed the so-called “micro-degrees” have the potential to bridge the pace-of-change gap between the educational systems and technology. “Micro-degrees or nanodegrees” is a program that aims to provide a “credentialed set of skills” in just a short timeframe.

Since traditional and old-school class can’t keep up with technology, Yello’s (Chicago’s talent acquisition software provider) CEO Jason Weingarten explained that these “micro-degrees” can provide tools that can immediately add to the skills acquisition ecosystem. These developed apps and programs are also not taught in school as no one could even teach it yet.

Meanwhile, technology’s influence and advantages in the field of education are really undeniable and unstoppable. Unfortunately, the rise of technology has become challenging to the education and employability of those who are visually impaired or disabled, Your Story reported.

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B2B Business Directory of Electronic Components & Supplies

Bizbilla is the Leading Global online electronic components and supplies b2b marketplace which connects electronic components manufacturers suppliers buyers importers exporters traders together for their global business needs.By using the b2b platform they can do business transaction between one to one or many.

The electronic components and supplies have great demand in 2016 due to the rise in electronics market. Electronic components has two main types namely passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors) and active components (diodes, transistors and integrated circuits). Among which the passive components seen a massive growth in recent days.


These electronic components are used mainly in automotive industry and next comes the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected devices. The countries where the growth of electronic components and supplies is seen are mainly in UK and Europe. Growth rate in electronic components and supplies is a great news for the wholesale electronic components and supplies suppliers and buyers across the globe.

Here is a golden opportunity for people doing electronic components and supplies business to expand their business globally. The leading international B2B portal Bizbilla provides them with enormous benefits.

The global electronic components and supplies directory of Bizbilla displays electronic components and supplies products, sell offers, buying needs, wholesale suppliers and buyers worldwide. It portrays the upcoming trade shows across the world by country and month along with required information.

Are you doing electronic components and supplies?

Do you wanna to reach more audience?

List your electronic components and supplies for free in the global B2B portal Bizbilla and enhance your business globally. You will get a responsive & user friendly website for your business with Content Management System (CMS).

Do you want to sell/buy electronic components and supplies online?

You can post your electronic components and supplies products, sell offers and buying needs for free by providing the required details. Bizbilla enables you to post electronic components and supplies trade shows for free.

Make your electronic components and supplies business handy:-

Download Bizbilla B2B Android App for your electronic components and supplies business which enables you to carry out your business in your mobile itself by being anywhere and at anytime.

Amazing features of Bizbilla:-

The leading electronic components and supplies B2B platform Bizbilla offers various service features at reasonable cost. It includes business classifieds, B2B classifieds, upgrading to verified/ premium membership, booking banner for your electronic components and supplies business in Bizbilla homepage, country page, city page and booking bulk banners in city pages.

You can post your electronic components and supplies B2B classifieds under the appropriate category/industry in your city or preferred city of any country.

Register your electronic components and supplies business with Bizbilla and expand it globally.

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