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Global Online Discussion Forum for Business

The leading international B2B marketplace Bizbilla provides global online business discussion forum for discussing about various business related topics with business persons all over the world.

Online forum which also can be termed as a message board is a discussion platform where people can start a conversation or reply to the existing discussion. A single conversation can be termed either as a thread or topic which can be replied by many people. It is place where knowledge is shared with one another, valuable advice/tips are obtained and doubts are clarified mutually.


Are you a member of Bizbilla?

Start your discussion in the global online business discussion forum just by signing in.

Are you new to Bizbilla?

Join as a free member in leading global B2B portal Bizbilla and start your conservation.

You can introduce yourself, about your business products & services and discuss on the topics such as business talks, business news, business ideas & opportunities, investment, fundraising & working capital, employment of manpower, marketplaces, traditional marketing, internet marketing, advertisements, business events, business categories, quality & planning, taxation, banking & finance, legal and regulatory issues, IT business solutions, e-commerce, work from home, global business markets, business sourcing, franchising and share your valuable feedbacks and suggestions about the international online business discussion board of Bizbilla over there.

This discussion platform connects business persons across the globe and enables them to share your thoughts, ideas & views related to business with others and to get solutions for the doubts they have related to it from being in any part of the world.

Take part in the business discussion forum and build connections with the network of business people worldwide.

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where can i find worldwide trade shows and events directory?

Know about the upcoming trade shows across the world along with the essential information in the leading global B2B portal Bizbilla.

Trade shows are fairs that are organized by companies/businesses from various industries to exhibit their products & services, exchange information with the participants/exhibitors of the events and for knowing the latest business & market trends. It can also be termed as trade fairs, trade exhibitions, trade events and trade expo. It is important for businesses to take part and organize trade events.


In the worldwide trade shows directory, you can get the details regarding the trade exhibitions that are going to be held in various countries across the globe on various industries. Bizbilla makes your search for trade fairs easy by enabling you to find the respective trade expo by country, industry and month. You can also view all the trade expos organized by a particular trade show organizer.

Get the details such as description about the trade show, image, venue, date, state & county name, organizer details, visitors information and contact details in the global trade shows directory of the prominent international B2B marketplace Bizbilla. You can contact the respective trade show organizer by sending message and if you wish, you can refer a particular trade event to your friend too via Bizbilla.

Are you going to organize a trade show?

Do you want make your trade event to reach more audience?

Whether you are a trade fair exhibitor/organizer, you can post your trade shows for free by giving the needed information. As a free member of Bizbilla, the details you are expected to give are event title, date, venue, country, category (main & sub), organizer’s name, email address & mobile number and information about the event.

If you are not a Bizbilla member, in addition to these details you have provide information such as your name, email id, country, mobile number, business type and company name.

Bizbilla is the right platform for both trade show organizers/exhibitors and visitors to view and show case trade events globally.

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what is the Benefits of blogging for Business?

When someone starts a business they think about how to set up the website, how to set up their online shop, their social media presence and so forth. It almost becomes an afterthought to set up a blog. There can be many benefits to creating a business blog. Corey Wainwright of Hubspot goes over a few of the benefits to help you get motivated to start a business blog or just to recommend it to other business owners that do not blog.


1) It helps drive traffic to your website.

Blogging helps add new material to your website which increases your indexed pages. This shows search engines your website it active and can help you show up more in searches.
2) It helps convert that traffic into leads.

When you are blogging you want to include a strong call to action. These can be for a free download, free entry into a sweepstakes, or a free trial. A strong call to action will let you gather information from a potential customer in exchange for whatever you are willing to give for that information. This can be valuable information for your sales team.
3) It helps establish authority.

When you write about something it shows you are an expert in your field. If potential customers see you have content that have answered all their questions, it helps build trust in you and your brand.
4) It drives long-term results.

Blog posts are great because you can put in effort today and still benefit from the effects tomorrow. As long as the information is relevant to your customers they will be searching for it. That blog can help generate leads while you are vacationing in Hawaii!

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Effective use of technology in the education

In an era where technology has become very influential, it is really not surprising to learn how education has been changed by technology. In spite of the fact that education technology (EdTech) has become quite an exhausting market lately, experts still believe that technology’s role in changing the ever-evolving field of education is critical.


Education technology has been concentrating in exploring the commercialization, personalization and democratization of teaching and learning in recent years. However, one question remains–is technology changing education for the better?

In the book, “Is Technology Good for Education,” Australia’s Monash University education professor and nook author Neil Selwyn outlined the present key issues and debates about education technology. In an interview with Inside Higher Ed through an email, Selwyn explained why many educational institutions have been experimenting with technology to be incorporated in classrooms.

According to Selwyn, education technology or digital education has been the latest trend when it comes to contemporary education. However, today’s EdTech is no longer based on the experimentation with technology alone. Instead, colleges are basing their whole provision on digital technology.

Education technology has become the “mainstream orthodoxy.” As technology dominate the educational experience of most students and teachers, Selwyn stressed the stakes are much higher now that in the ’90s and EdTech has now become a billion-dollar enterprise that affects the entire society.

Due to the contradictions and complexities between education and technology, Selwyn also pointed out that online is the best platform for the ongoing conversations regarding education’s future. Selwyn added better news media commentary on education and technology are also essential.

Speaking of education and technology, IT Business Edge revealed the so-called “micro-degrees” have the potential to bridge the pace-of-change gap between the educational systems and technology. “Micro-degrees or nanodegrees” is a program that aims to provide a “credentialed set of skills” in just a short timeframe.

Since traditional and old-school class can’t keep up with technology, Yello’s (Chicago’s talent acquisition software provider) CEO Jason Weingarten explained that these “micro-degrees” can provide tools that can immediately add to the skills acquisition ecosystem. These developed apps and programs are also not taught in school as no one could even teach it yet.

Meanwhile, technology’s influence and advantages in the field of education are really undeniable and unstoppable. Unfortunately, the rise of technology has become challenging to the education and employability of those who are visually impaired or disabled, Your Story reported.

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B2B LinkedIn Marketing Tips

B2B marketing is in a league of its own, and brands need to be crafty, resourceful, and proactive on LinkedIn to leverage the opportunities that exist on this platform. Here are a few strategies to improve your outreach strategy on LinkedIn, helping you connect with the right audiences and keeping them engaged towards performing an action.


Attract your audience

If you want to create immense impact about your business, then your key focus should be on creating an alluring company page. Ensure the display picture is represented by the company logo, and optimise the use of the banner through what you wish to highlight regarding your business. Your company pitch should be a strongly-worded one, precise, and with crisp description. LinkedIn displays these lines very prominently hence it’s essential to remember that the first two lines of the description should be concise. It would be in your brand’s interest to highlight the value proposition as well as service offerings in the copy.

In order to attract your audiences, your content should be a fine balance between company news and progress, along with updates around your industry. With business networking at the core of LinkedIn, being seen as a key opinion leader is vital.

Create thoughtful content

Create content that provokes the audiences towards taking the desired action. LinkedIn is great towards optimising your content and very few brands seem to leverage it. Relevant keywords on your company page are what will take people to your profile and additionally help you find the right contacts to broaden your network.

Your content should be a fine balance between company news and progress, along with updates around your industry. Build a content mix that allows for your page to be engaging and informative. Blog posts, images and infographics are known to show high interactions on LinkedIn. With business networking at the core of LinkedIn, being seen as a key opinion leader is vital.

Converse, click, connect

Lead generation is something that brands depend on heavily, and LinkedIn is an effective platform for such needs. If your primary goal is to increase leads, then you should consider converting your company page into a lead generation mechanism. This should be done by structuring it in a manner that creates conversion as a click through to your website with all your communication.

Showcasing specific deals and offers are known to help leverage click-throughs to the brands website. LinkedIn success stories claim over 80 percent of leads being generated only through the social network.

Showcase pages for targeted audiences

It would be a great idea to create showcase pages on LinkedIn to promote individual brands that are extensions of your company. This is perfect for segmenting the inbound LinkedIn traffic as it helps generate leads and develop long-term relationships with specific audiences. The showcase page consists of a large header image, update posts, and places to link back to your company. Showcase pages will help you divide your target audience and create customised pages for each department. It is the ideal way to your LinkedIn traffic. A great example would be Adobe, which has different showcase pages for designers, publishers, and marketers. There are other benefits to having a showcase page such as appearing more in search results, job postings and having a vanity URL.

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How to improve customer retention?

Every business owner will have some definite strategies to acquire customers. It includes brand advertising and other forms of marketing. Comparatively less business owners focus on preserving their new customers. Customer retention is huge when it comes to the success of a business which costs very less. Here are some common practices which gives a good idea on how to make the customers cling to your business.

Customer service

Hire the right customer service people. Hire excellent communicators and good listeners for client-facing positions. They should be able to manage their emotions and stay calm for every client they face. They should be well versed in all the products and services and should be able to give excellent advice to the clients. They shouldn’t stammer at any situation.


Deliver the promise

Say what you can do. Avoid fake promises which can easily undermine your company’s reputation . This will weaken the customer-company relationship and will prevent future customers from entering your company. Deliver what you promised on time. This makes the customer trust you more.

Make them feel special

Making special offers that are only available to your customers makes it hard for them to resist doing business with you. By implementing simple strategies such as birthday specials, weekend offers, seasonal offers etc, you can make them visit you again and again. Give coupons for loyal customers.

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How to Choose an SEO Writer for your business?

In these days,there are plenty of SEO writers are doing good and passionate,but choosing an good seo writer is very difficult on these important days.They have to need to be an love and passion in their works.

Let we go to the article…

In today’s article, we will take a look at how you should choose your perfect an SEO writer that can help you boost your website in terms of awareness, branding, and sales. Here are the top 6 tips on how to choose an SEO writer for your business

1. Your SEO Writer Needs to Be a Skilled Web-Writer

An SEO is important indeed, but what is more important is the quality of the message itself.
When people search for something, they usually expect to solve a problem. They will keep looking until they find it. If your writer can present the best advice in the field, and that advice can bring value to your readers, you’re on the right path. On the contrary, if your content is written for SEO purposes only, your business will really have a hard time keeping your potential customers satisfied.

SEO writer.jpg

2. Your SEO Writer Needs to Be Knowledgeable and Passionate in Your Field

Back in the days, content marketing was quite easier. Most of the marketers were focusing on filling up their website with tons of articles. It didn’t matter if those articles were bringing in value or not – they just had to be there. And back in the days, it worked. Now? The market has evolved, and this strategy no longer works.

People nowadays can recognize good and bad content. Once they detect poor quality, they’d rather go back to the search results and look for another article or website. This is relevant to you because your writer can decide whether they stay or they leave.

When you choose your SEO writer, you’d better make sure he’s knowledgeable in your topic. More than that, he also needs to be passionate, because when a writer does his job with passion, he is transmitting trust to your readers.

3. Your SEO Writer Needs to Have In-Depth Knowledge About Search Engine Optimization

After all, you’re looking for someone who can rank your chosen keywords, so he has to be good at what he does. If you know few things about SEO, it will be easier for you to differentiate a good SEO practitioner from a poor one.
In case you have no clue about what SEO is, and how it is done, here’s how I would go: I would ask the writer to lead me to some of his references and websites that contain some of his latest works. Every skilled SEO writer will keep a list of websites and keywords he ranked, so there shouldn’t be a problem sharing them with you.

In addition, if he provides you with some links of his published articles, scout for some of the main keywords he’s using during the article, then go back to Google, or Yahoo, or Bing, and find out if they’ve ranked. Give it a few tries, not all keywords rank, but if he’s good, and worth hiring, he should at least have some keywords and pages ranked.

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Future trend of social media marketing

Most of us have grown so accustomed to social media being a part of our lives that it seems strange to think about it as a “new” phenomenon – but it is. In less than 10 years, a handful of niche sites catering to small populations have turned into dozens of apps and platforms that connect the majority of the world’s population.

It’s natural to think of these establishments as continuing to exist in their current forms – yeah, Facebook might redesign its layout, or we might see the occasional new platform arise from time to time, but for the most part, the average user envisions the current landscape of social media staying more or less the same. I, on the other hand, feel like social media is just now stepping into its teen or adolescent years and is about to find itself for the first time.


I think social media still has a long way to evolve, and marketers like us need to be ready for those changes if we’re going to survive. But let’s not get lost in the minutiae of how we might be able to post, or what the next trendy app might look like. Instead, I want to present six high-level possibilities for social media’s next phase of evolution.

1. Monopolization

I could see one platform coming to dominate the social media landscape, much in the way that Google came to dominate the world of online search. Right now, the social media front-runner is clearly Facebook, so I’ll use Facebook to illustrate how this could go.
Already, Facebook has purchased a major contender (Instagram), and it’s only a matter of time before it acquires more platforms. Gradually, these individual platforms could morph and blend into a single all-in-one social experience. It would take years to accomplish this with minimal user disruption, but it’s a possibility.

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Business Promotion and B2B Advertisement

The world’s leading online b2b portal Bizbilla which provides Unique Business promotions and B2B Advertisement for small medium and large businesses across the world. The business person can Enhance their business globally or locally by making use of this platform.

First of all List your business for free in the global b2b portal and get online presence with exposure of the globe. The b2b portal which offers enormous business promotion and b2b advertising opportunities.By join as a free member you can register your business by industry wise with your respective business area. you can also promote and advertise your business worldwide.

advertise your business for free.jpg

Bizbilla which offers Business and B2B Classifieds to do advertise their business in the world.It will helps their business to grow worldwide and get more leads.

By listing your business in this platform you can get…

Beautiful HTML5 webpage

Responsive design

Contact Us Form

CMS Tool

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Web Promotion


Make use of it and to place your business at top of the global online markets.



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How important social media roles in B2B Marketing?

The use of social media was first established in B2C marketing. However, its applicability covered B2B overtime. Currently, it is a channel considered to be one of the tigers in B2B marketing strategies as it generates significant number of leads for conversion.


Social media has leverage B2B companies in many ways.

Social media increases brand awareness and visibility. This is vital in making prospects access you easier and also in allowing existing clients to be more familiar with you.

Social media is utilized by B2B companies to educate prospects through content distribution. Whether it’s in the form of writing, photo or videos, social media is taken advantage to enlighten audience about the internal workings of their company, to introduce their products or services and/or to talk about their companies brand creatively. This is to aid prospects in making their decision and develop trust not just in the brand but in the company as well.

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