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which is the best time to study?

What is the best time to study? This is one of the most debated topics among students.

Most of us assume to know the best time to study. But in reality, every person is different and there is no perfect time to study. It is most important to choose the time when you are most awake and energetic. Scheduling your studies during this time of the day will save time, and help you learn better.

Daytime Studying vs Night-time studying 

From the scientific point of view there is no clear winner here. Some people get more out of studying during the day while some find it is best to study during the night.

Here is a comparison of benefits in terms of studying during the day and at night.

                      Daytime studying                                              Night-time studying  

More energy                                                        Peaceful and quiet

Natural clock of nature                                        Deserted library

Easier to communicate with society                    Fewer distractions

Natural light is better for eyes                             Increase in creativity

It is impossible to create a rule that will work for all, although there are few techniques, if implemented could work out for everyone.

Considering the following with some self-experimentation, one can find the best time of the day to study:

Attention/ alertness 

Most people may go wrong in judging the time when they perform best. They study when they feel like, but it need not necessarily be the most effective time.

To know what works for you, it is important to try some considerations for an extended length of time. Some considerations are:

Some qualities of memory and alertness seem to be better at different times of the day. For example: Visual memory in the morning, critical thinking in the noon while most suffer a dip in the early afternoon.

Some operate better in the early morning while some in the evening.

In addition to these patterns, biological rhythms and hormonal cycles have an impact on alertness.


Distractions always disrupt work, though there are some distractions that can be controlled, sometimes we just can’t get away from them.

Distractions are detrimental, so if you can’t find a secluded and quiet place to study during the day, wait until night or early morning for better concentration.


If you plan a schedule to study, make sure you can stick to it and work consistently. Consistency will help you do your work everyday and will also improve the quality of work. Your mind and body will quickly adapt, if you study at the same time everyday.

By practicing these considerations for a few days, you’ll be in your best frame of mind for study with having the best focus during that scheduled time of the day. Your body likes to know what to expect.

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