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How to branding new ecommerce business?

Steps to brand your new ecommerce business….!
1. Get a good logo
This is vital, your logo is the thing people most associate with your brand identity and will be visible on all your business properties. It is worth spending some decent money on a professional logo design that will make a lasting impression and stand the test of time as your business begins to grow.
2. Get your brand name in your domain name
Some people like to key keywords into the domain name at the expensive of the brand name, for SEO benefits, but you really shouldn’t do this for an e-commerce store You are trying to build trust with your audience for long lasting relationships so choose a domain that is either just your brand name or brand name plus keyword.
3. Claim your social media accounts
At the very least get your business set up on Facebook and Twitter and claim your business names before anyone else tries to. Try to make sure your social names are consistent across all platforms and make sure you add links back to your website. Regular posting is the key to a successful business social media accounts, you can use automated posting tools such as Buffer to ensure you are posting consistently. This can be a valuable way to get your brand in front of an audience and get some initial traffic to your website.
4. Use branded images
You can apply branding to the images on your website, this will stop people from stealing them and also it means your logo or branding will be visible on images if they are shared onto social media platforms. Make sure to use a professional commercial photographer for your images such as Double Image, high quality images make your site seem more legitimate and help to build trust with the audience.
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