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What is flipped learning?

Flipped learning is a learning method where teachers shift their direct learning to digital mode. Under this learning method teachers record their study lectures and creates videos. They distribute these study materials to students for their preparation before the class session.

Students can access this material from anywhere anytime at their comfort and get prepared for the next class session. During their class hours they devote time on knowledge sharing, problem solving, discussion and debates on the particular topic.

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Flipped learning is quite flexible and allows different approach to learning where the role of tutor is reduced and gives adequate space to students for learning. In general learning method much importance is given to teacher where as in flipped learning importance is given to learners than teacher. Under this method of learning much time is given for discussions and sharing information with the classmates to gain in depth knowledge on the subject. This makes students more active and participative during their class session and thereby creates an environment offering good learning opportunity.

Under this method tutors prepare purposive study material that enable easy understanding to students. They minimize their presence on class hour and allow students to engage themselves. Tutor observes students activities and clarify them on their doubts. This method of learning increase interaction among students and thereby builds knowledge community for sharing and exchanging information. It allows students to think and apply their knowledge and help them to evaluate their level of learning on their own.

Flipped learning makes students more responsible on learning and develops their analytical, communication and presentation skills.

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