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What is Hospitality management? Its scope and career opportunities

The global hospitality & tourism industry has seen a tremendous growth in recent days with the increase in number of tourists traveling to various countries. This growth has created more career opportunities and graduates in this field are highly valued.

Hospitality & tourism studies involve subjects such as general business management, tourism geography, customer service, business math, hospitality law, accounting, convention marketing, hotel reservations systems etc..,


You can make your career in hospitality & tourism fruitful if you are friendly in nature, creative, flexible, have more patience & good communication skills and efficient in offering good customer service. Do you have these capabilities? Are you interested in experiencing more and making others happy? Then hospitality & tourism is the right choice for you. You can experience variety of things day by day and obtain various skills.

Career opportunities available in hotels and resorts, restaurants and commercial food service, meeting and event planning, leisure, recreation and sports management, airlines, cruises and other transportation, environmentally sustainable & cultural tourism development and spa & wellness management.

The jobs you can opt in hospitality & tourism sector are travel counselor, tour operators, travel agents, event planner/organizer, reservation and counter staff, sales & marketing staff, resident manager, traffic assistant in airlines, information assistant in tourism department, financial staff, human resource manager,  administrative, chefs, restaurant staff, concierge, bar staff and so on.

To purse a career in hospitality & tourism, it is good to develop your communication skills in various languages. You can find lot more career development opportunities in the field. From this you would have come to know the scope available in hospitality & tourism studies. Now the choice is yours.

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