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How to make a good content for ecommerce business?

Making a Good content is very hard. But Conveying a message through content is easy. Today in the ecommerce business industry content is very important and also it is a great king of Internet marketing.

Text for today’s SEO moves beyond the mechanical use of precise keywords into a more nuanced practice of creating the right contextual relevance to attract more searchers. But for all of that, it’s still words – unique textual content on a web page focused on the topics that real searchers use when they type a query into the search bar.Those words have no value by themselves, though. Without links pointing to their web pages, the words we struggle to craft may as well not even exist as far as search engines are concerned. Links provide the ability to access content. Links also provide authority signals that prove that the content is worthy of displaying to searchers.
And naturally, to benefit SEO the content needs to be both accessible to search engine crawlers and coded optimally in terms of metadata and other tagging. This one covers all manner of ills, such as embedding words in images rather than leaving them in plain HTML text, poor title tags, lack of heading tags, using JavaScript or Flash improperly to embed content elements that could benefit SEO, and so on.
The four concepts — value, relevance, authority, and optimal accessibility — are easy enough in theory. But what does great content with SEO benefit look like in reality?
The answer is deceptively simple: Content that has SEO value is truly valuable to your shoppers, is clearly relevant to a topic they care about enough to search for, is intentionally linked to and from other pages within the site to drive shoppers to the content and onward, to find relevant products, and is optimally accessible to search engine crawlers. Without all four of these elements, content will not be truly beneficial to SEO.
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