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is wishlist important for ecommerce websites?

Wish lists is an important feature in e-commerce websites that makes customer’s shopping experience wonderful as it allows them to save the products that they like to buy later.

Many e-commerce players have not known about its importance so far. Here arises the question “What does it mean by wish lists?” Let’s have a look on the wish lists types and the importance in e-commerce websites.


Wish lists types:-

Wish lists falls under types namely personal/organizational wish lists/gift registry where customers creates a lists of items that are supposed to buy for sure and wish to send as gift to loved ones, online wish list which is hosted on the Internet, product wish list where the users selects their desired items which they may or may not buy later, software user wish list where users can create a list of suggestions, improvements & changes regarding the feature and bucket wish list which means list of things to be done before a person dies.

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