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How to prevent pollution?

Earth is a perfect place and planet for the existence of life but it is getting contaminated by various types of pollution. It is in endanger which is a threat for all creatures living in this beautiful planet. Ecosystems will be damaged and health of people & environment will get affected with the increase in the rate of pollution.

Pollution can be mainly air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, land pollution, noise pollution and thermal pollution.


Why this has happened? Who is the main reason for this?

“This entire planet is our home. We are the only species that systematically destroy our own habitat.”- Marianne Williamson

As per the saying, we humans have to accept it’s due to our activities. Every individual have to take essential measures to save our environment from pollution. Till now you may not have thought about necessity of creating a pollution free environment. Leave the past…. Start from your place from today, do things that prevents pollution, create awareness in your surroundings and urge people around you to follow the same. This will save our planet earth for us and future generation.

Most of you are adapted to social medias and we can say addicted to it. Make use of social networks, share your thoughts, create awareness and spread the need for creating a pollution free environment. You can conduct and participate in environmental protection programs and adopt healthy & good practices. You have to understand that if there are no pollutants, there will be no pollution.

One person alone cannot save the planet’s biodiversity, but each individual’s effort to encourage nature’s wealth must not be underestimated. – United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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